Make a CigarBoxGuitar

(Song performed by Fred McDowell.)

Alright now, if ya don't wanna read the whole durn is the straight stuff....

Dozens and dozens of folks have used this here book ta make themselves some CigarBoxGuitars.
And I have not received any questions from thems folks about any of the techniques from this here book.
That tells me that ANYBODY can use this here book and make a great CigarBoxGuitar on their very first try.
And they won't have ta be askin' questions on them forums and watchin' YouTube videos.

So what does the $32 for the price of this book git ya?

This here is how the 'GittyMan's CigarBoxGuitar Making Manual' is different:

Photos, not diagrams, of all necessary Wiring
Complete step-by-step Fretting, from start-to-finish
Immediate download….no waiting for delivery in the mail
Using this'll cost ya less than $30 ta make a CigarBoxGuitar
Complete ‘Parts-list’ of where ta get CigarBoxGuitar parts, item #’s, and prices
Free updates ta the Manual, and free sources ta other CigarBoxGuitar related ‘stuff’
Has over 80 pages of step-by-step instructions with over 150 photos detailin' each step
There is no source out there with as much detail that this Manual has, and no source is simpler ta follow
100% money back guarantee….if you can’t make a CigarBoxGuitar on your first try, your money will be refunded
So if you don't want ta bother readin' more, click here ta buy it:

If you want ta know more, read on pardner....

There's alot of 'free' videos out there, and Forums, and stuff about how ta make a CigarBoxGuitar.

So the 'first-timer' CigarBoxGuitar maker jumps right in and starts reading everythin' he can get his hands on.
And watchin' every video ever made on the how to make a CigarBoxGuitar.

The outcome is that there is a huge 'overload' of information that ends up confusin' the 'first-timers' .

Also confusin' is the fact that there are hundreds of ways ta make a CigarBoxGuitar,
and each of these CigarBoxGuitar makers will profess that their method is the best.
I ain't braggin' that my methods are the best....just that they are the simplest and easiest way to make one.

Then worse yet are the CigarBoxGuitar tutorials that have a bunch of templates
and patterns that they want you ta print out and use.
Good luck with that!

Y'all don't need all of that hogwash, folks!

What happens is that the 'first-timer' ends up paralyzed and doing nothing because
they don't want to screw up their first CigarBoxGuitar project and they don't know where ta start.

That is when the questions start........

And ya know what....the 'first-timer' is still paralyzed after gettin' the durn answers!

So, I wrote a Manual on how ta make a very simple and functional CigarBoxGuitar.

If a 'first-timer' follows the steps exactly as they are written in 'GittyMan's CigarBoxGuitar Making Manual',
I guarantee that the very first CigarBoxGuitar that they make will look Great and play Great! 

If not, I will refund 100% of the money you paid for the Manual.
Ya got ta ask yourself...."Why does Mordacai (dats me) offer a refund if folks are not satisfied?"

'GittyMan's CigarBoxGuitar Making Manual' has over 80 pages of step-by-step instructions with over 150 photos detailing each step.

I hear folks worried sick about having ta figure out how to hook up the electric wire on CigarBoxGuitar
and once they look at the wiring diagrams that I see out gawd, no wonder they are scared!
All of that is taken care of for you in 'GittyMan's CigarBoxGuitar Making Manual'.
In it are step-by-step 'Photos'....NOT technical diagrams or hard ta understand videos on how to wire a CigarBoxGuitar.
(Remember the 100% money back guarantee if you find that not to be true.)

And when a 'first-timer' first looks at the videos and written stuff that is out there on how to install Frets on a CigarBoxGuitar.
That alone will cause them to look for another hobby!
It ain't that difficult folks!
In 'GittyMan's CigarBoxGuitar Making Manual', the instructions on Fretting are simplified and complete.
There is no magic to figurin' out where to put the Frets or how ta install them.
It is easy with 'GittyMan's CigarBoxGuitar Making Manual'.
(Again, remember the 100% money back guarantee if you find that not ta be true.)

And the last thing that I want to say about what is lackin' out there in the videos
and on the Forums is that there just ain't any complete and reliable information out there
about where to get all the stuff needed to make a CigarBoxGuitar.
Well in 'GittyMan's CigarBoxGuitar Making Manual' there is a complete 'Parts List' of where ta buy
every single item that you will need, with the Item Numbers, and the costs.
Like I said....keepin' it simple for ya.

The CigarBoxGuitar that I made as I wrote the 'GittyMan's CigarBoxGuitar Making Manual' is the one in the photo below.
This CigarBoxGuitar cost me less than $30 to make!

Alright then, if y'all want ta get your copy of the 'Gittyman CigarBoxGuitar Making Manual',
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After ya place your order, watch for a 'Confirmation Email'
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"Gittyman CigarBoxGuitar Making Manual".

VERY IMPORTANT ---- > "Please be sure ta look in your Spam Folder in case that email got all caught up in there."