Learn to Play - FREE


If ya'll are already able to play your CBG....then this video ain't fo you.

On the other hand, if y'all are like most folks ya probably are gettin' quite frustrated by not being able to play the durn thing.

Alright now, if y'all need to know more 'bout my free video, read on....

Does this sound familiar:
You go onto YouTube and hear someone play the CBG really well and
they then have a tutorial for you to learn how to play like them.
Well ya give it a try and after a few minutes you find out that it ain't all that easy.

So thar ya are....frustrated.

I'd have ta say that the majority of the folks that I talk ta about playin' their CBGs tell me that
havin' ta sit through a bunch of lessons and trainin' and those "tablature" charts just ain't gonna cut it for them.

They want to git ta playin' right now!

Even if they don't sound all that good, they still just want to git ta playin'.

Later they might have plans ta start gettin' some more structured trainin'....but for right now, they wanna just play.

Well that's where this free video I got for ya steps in.

  This here free video I got for y'all is super simple ta learn from.
It runs about 25 minutes long and when y'all are dun with it, ya will have learned
how to Strum along with a complete song from beginin' ta end.
(Y'all can hear part of that song at the top of this screen.)

I'll be teachin' ya how ta Strum along with that song and how ta work them Frets as well.
And y'all will be learnin' one of the most common ways ta play Blues songs, which is the 12-Bar Blues Scale.
And y'all will learn how ta 'count-along' with the beat in the song....
which you will find will make all the difference in how well you sound. 
I think that y'all are gonna find that 'counting-along' with the beat is what has been missin' in your CBG playin'.

I'll take y'all step-by-step in learnin' how ta do them things.
First, I will tell you how....then I will demonstrate how for ya....and then
I'll have you practice along on the video, just that one part.
Then we do that again fo the next part, then again, and again....
until y'all have learned how ta Strum along with that entire song.

With that knowledge under ya belt, you can then venture out on yo own ta play along with other songs that ya like.

I hope y'all enjoy it.